Join us on  Tuesday 2nd April 2019 at 7:30 p m  at the Temple of Light Church for the beginning of a new "Course of Miracles". If you want to experience more peace and joy in your life through a greater understanding of yourself and others. The course is for you, it gives an understanding of how to live in a world that often seem's to make no sense.It's teachings are poetic and profound, through it's invaluable insights the lives of countless numbers of people the world over have been changed for the better. It's appeal reaches to all and any regardless of their faith or non faith. The introduction will be given by the Rev Vivienne Killick who has made a study of the course for over 20 years. All will be made welcome For further information please contact the Rev Killick on 01639 778570 or 01639 845611 or e mail at templeoflight@btinternet.com IMG_9193    

MEDITATION – ‘The Awakening”

For those wishing to start guided meditation classes  'The Awakening' is the first course which will help bring the earthly mind under control and link in to the spirit.  This course will help to still the mind so that you can enjoy and experience peace, health and happiness.  The Awakening usually runs for 12 weeks on a Monday evening and is led by the Rev. Gwenda Jones. The course has been in such demand over the years that Rev Gwenda has produced a book and accompanying CD to help people use the guided meditations in the comfort of their own home.  The book and CD is available from our shop. A new Awakening Course starts on Monday 18th March at 6:30 pm),  and will be led again by the highly experienced Rev. Gwenda Jones.  If anyone is interested in details please contact Rev. Gwenda Jones.       Contact Details:Tel no: 01639 842588 or Mobile 07983122753 IMG_9200  

Meditation – ‘The Seven Holy Sacraments’

  For those wishing to take meditation further, the next course in meditation is on the Seven Christian Sacraments.  You will have needed to complete 'The Awakening'  before you can progress to this course. This course of spiritual development provides an opportunity to unfold our greater psychic and spiritual potential on a deeper level. The guided meditation allows for a deep spiritual unfoldment of the many aspects within. This course runs for 8 – 10 weeks and is led by the Rev. Gwenda Jones. For more details contact us on:   info@templeoflightwales.com