Our History

The Temple of Light Church and Spiritual Healing Sanctuary was originally founded by the late Rev. Marian Butler at her aunt’s small terraced home in 1951. Her niece Rev. Gwenda Jones joined her in 1956 as well as others who felt the power of healing guiding them. So many attended the tiny sanctuary that it became far too small to accommodate the hundreds of people who came to receive the laying on of hands by the healers who helped the two Reverends.


Under the guidance of Spirit inspired through Rev. Marian Butler a piece of land opposite her home was purchased and eventually after thirty six years of saving the donations given, along with the funds raised through various events there were sufficient funds to build a Church and Healing Sanctuary on the land. However, the funds were not enough to fully complete the inside of the building, so Rev Marian Butler mortgaged her home to complete the inside of the building.

The Church was completed and its official opening on the 14th April, 1987 represented a life-time’s achievement for the Rev. Butler who was then 72 years old.


The Church has gone from strength to strength under the guidance of her niece the Rev Gwenda Jones and the Rev. Vivienne Killick.

Today the Temple of Light is a thriving community providing healing throughout the week with a team of highly trained dedicated healers working within its healing clinics.

Our Philosophy and Mission


Though Christian in origin the Temple of Light opens its doors to all denominations regardless of caste, colour or creed. We are a church of the people for the people and we have a strong desire to look upon what unites us not upon what separates us.

The mission of the Temple of Light is to help people discover the true nature of the divine source of their being. With the endless distractions of this modern, materialistic world and with the incessant pace of technological advances, it is imperative that we all learn the value of silence and the importance of seeking the true wisdom and lasting peace that can only be found within.

By providing learning opportunities through Spiritual healing, philosophy, meditation and prayer the Church seeks to actively promote the spiritual well-being and growth of its community and to help awaken people’s inner spiritual understanding.